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About Roblox

Roblox is an established SDK Gaming platform that has been in existence since 2006. Its sole purpose is to bring people all over the world together through virtual experiences. Roblox has over 1,000 employees and has recently filed for an IPO. Located in Silicon Valley right along with other tech giants Roblox has a passionate approach to gaming in which all employees are allowed to be creative without numerous profit driven deadlines. Roblox focuses on quality and user experiences first before profit driven incentives.


Our Partners

We have decided to make the phrase partner an official
thing by sharing ownership with our customers crossing the line of customer to partner. We also have decided to give the gift
that keeps on giving by continuing our projects for our clients
far past our initial agreement. We help our clients by
continuously developing graphics, objects, and paraphernalia
for our customers that can be sold on the platform. We are
dedicated to helping our clients create and sell game passes
every day all day on the platform.


People from all over the world are invited to join our family
here at AWP. We allow consumers to imagine while we create.
Our vision is to create the first successful network of games
within the Roblox Platform. By using teleportation features that
allow players to travel from one game to another we are able
to advertise our games while helping our partners get attention
to their games. We believe that our partnership with you will
inspire our developers to work on each project as if it was their

About Us

Learn about AWP Gaming

We are a private company owned currently by a small group of tech and angel investors. Before we raise any money from complete strangers (Venture Capitalist) we have decided to empower our clients with an opportunity to make money while we raise money. We have delegated 100% of our company to equity shares. We currently have 250 million equity slots that represent 100% of our company.


Partner with AWP Gaming

Join our family meet Chris Maxon (Our CEO) and learn the benefits of equity slots and how these slots can be extremely profitable immediately! By using our convertible debt program, you can invest with us with little to no risk and recoup every penny you’ve spent with us. Also in certain circumstances we can help you recoup monies spent in past or recent investments that ended up being a loss! We strongly believe we have one of the most lucrative profit sharing opportunities on the planet in one of the largest markets on Earth mobile gaming.

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